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Draw Latches, Multipoint Latches, & Custom Hardware

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) brings decades of experience to a vast range of industries that require high-quality industrial latches, handles, and other hardware components for use across a wide array of applications. Our product catalog includes thousands of products available worldwide. We are a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying everything from recessed lockable folding T-handle latches to over-center draw latches to lever-action trigger latches.

Industrial Latches for Any Application

SPEP provides the highest-quality access hardware to OEMs and distributors across the globe. Our innovative parts are engineered to reduce costs and improve performance for our customers’ final products. The industrial latches we provide are ideal for applications ranging from electronic enclosures to boats and vehicles to windows and doors.

At SPEP, we know that the proper latch for your project is a necessity. Every industrial latch and hinge application is unique, which is why we will accommodate any panel thickness, any material, and any enclosure type. From automotive hood latches to tool-activated compression latches, a wide variety of options are available off-the-shelf.

Types of Industrial Latches

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures more types of latches than any other product we sell. Our products are available in various configurations, materials, and styles to ensure a perfect application every time. Some of the latches we supply include common cam/pawl latches, magnetic latches, cane bolt latches, multi-point center case latches, push to close slam latches, twist latches, quarter-turn latches, trigger latches, over-center draw latches, recessed locking latches, rubber latches, spring-loaded bolt latches, tension latches, flush latches, two-point latch kits, lever latches, lift-and-turn latches, panel latches, and many more.

Many types of industrial latches are available as locking, non-locking, and tool-activated versions. We provide locking latches both keyed differently with multiple key codes or keyed alike with a single key code.

Custom Manufactured Latch Hardware

We recognize the importance of having access to components that match the overall look and feel of every one of our customers’ products and projects. We also understand that unique applications require unique solutions, which is why we also offer customized services that include design, engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, off-tool sampling, and other product development services, in addition to custom manufacturing services.

Our industrial latches are available in thermoplastic, steel, stainless steel, die-cast zinc, cast iron, and aluminum. In addition, we have a variety of finishes available, including powder coating, passivation, natural/mill finish, zinc plating, copper plating, textured chrome, brushed chrome, polished chrome, electropolishing, and more.

Every product must work seamlessly to meet project specifications, which is why we offer handles and latches in a wide assortment of materials and finishes.

Contact Your Custom Latch Manufacturer

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is an ISO 9001-certified company. As such, we take great pride in the quality and availability of our industrial latches, handles, hinges, and other industrial access hardware products.

Contact us today for more information or to order any of our products, and we’ll be happy to help.