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Do you have an industrial hardware product you need designed and developed?
If so, please contact us at sales@spep.com.


For whatever your industrial hardware needs may be, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) can help you engineer the Right Product at the Right Cost and deliver it at the Right Time.  SPEP is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been operating under the ISO quality management system guidelines since 2001 for the mechanical design, manufacture, and distribution of Industrial Hardware.  This discipline and commitment to quality allow our organization to focus on helping customers engineer and supply products throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept planning to production completion.

Right Product
To create the Right Product, SPEP employs the use of state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and rapid prototyping machines as integral parts of the product design and realization process.  Our staff of highly skilled professional engineers can help you:

        • Create & design new and innovative hardware
        • Improve existing hardware items by design modification or development of derivative versions

Our goal is to provide you with the Right Product to set you apart as an industry leader.


Right Cost
To meet the Right Cost, SPEP will help you refine and optimize your product so that “form follows function”.  By focusing on the materials, aesthetics, function, and performance you require, we strive to meet your product needs and achieve the greatest cost savings possible.

Right Time
Upon reaching your final product design goals, SPEP moves swiftly into tooling validation and production release phases.  SPEP seamlessly integrates all design and performance requirements into our quality control and assurance program to begin production and meet your supply needs at the Right Time.

3D Models
To help you start quickly, we have made it easier for engineers to get the support they need designing components into their products. With our new service of free downloadable 3D models, engineers can now select a part they’re interested in and easily drop it into their design.


3D models now available for download. Call 888-444-6437 to get a quote or let us know how we can help.