Custom Hasps & Staples From SPEP

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is proud to be one of the leading industrial hardware suppliers in the nation, providing custom design and manufacturing services to a diverse customer base, including OEMs and distributors. For years, SPEP has supported original equipment manufacturers as they navigate the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to production.

Through a standardized method of design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing, our expert engineering team ensures that the quality and performance of each product we offer are unmatched. At SPEP, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and that’s why we design and create only the highest quality products.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of stainless steel hasps and staples for industrial applications such as cases and crates. In addition, we also supply electro-polished stainless steel hasps and staples, which are especially useful for marine applications. Our unwavering commitment to the success of our clients is why SPEP is counted among the best hasp and staple suppliers in the nation.

Fasten, Secure, & Protect with SPEP Hasps & Staples

Hasps and staples are simple parts that are used together to allow you to add padlocking functionality to nearly any application. This provides a simple and effective solution to securing doors, protecting valuables, and eliminating more complex and costly locking components in various enclosures.

Extremely versatile, hasps can be mounted in several orientations, maximizing usability. They can be used to fasten a wide variety of objects, including doors, cabinets, drawers, lids, and toolboxes. These objects can be secured with a swivel staple or a simple pin to prevent opening or locked with a padlock to guard against theft.

Some hasps, called draw hasps, also provide tamper protection by covering the mounting fasteners when the hasp is engaged. This setup provides a clean presentation and increased security.

As one of the most highly regarded hasp and staple suppliers in the United States, SPEP is the go-to source for all types of hasps.

SPEP produces many variations of both hasp and staple components. Hasps come in concealed, exposed, offset, weldable, and fastener-mounted versions. These can be paired with stamped staples, welded staples, or even different variations of swivel staples for added functionality.

Custom Hasp Design & Manufacturing

Whether mounted indoors or outside year-round, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures hasps and staples for every use. Our customizable products come in various materials and finishes, including steel, stainless steel, zinc plated, mill finish, black powder-coated, and electropolished.

Want to create an entirely new hasp and staple design or modify an existing product to improve its function or lower its cost? If so, the experienced staff at SPEP will work with you to create a product that perfectly meets your needs and ensures your satisfaction.

Our world-class engineering team can produce all types of custom hasps and staples so that you have the hardware needed to craft quality products, meet tight deadlines, and stay within budget.

Contact Your Custom Hardware Manufacturer

At SPEP, our commitment to quality is evident in our designs and manufacturing, as well as our ISO 9001 certification. As a 100% employee-owned (ESOP) company, you can be sure that the high-quality products you purchase from SPEP will perform optimally.

Our employees are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, and that’s why we stand behind every one of our products. We welcome you to browse through our hasp & staple products.

Remember, if you do not see the exact types of hasps or staples needed for your project, we will fabricate a custom solution in accordance with your needs.

For all of your custom hardware needs, we encourage you to contact us and discover why we’re one of the nation’s leading hardware manufacturers and suppliers. We look forward to serving you!