Electronic Enclosures and NEMA/JIC Parts & Hardware

Electronic enclosure boxes are important parts of managing wiring and electronics in a safe and organized manner. Whatever your product may be, you need electronic enclosures that are easy to work with and designed for your specifications. SPEP designs and produces parts based on the most relevant standards set by organizations such as NEMA and JIC. Additionally, we can create custom parts based on your requirements.

Enclosure Hardware for Electronics

In addition to enclosure boxes, we also offer other parts that work with them. This includes latches, hinges, locks and more. You can count on our hardware to let you into your enclosures while keeping dirt, dust and any unwanted parties out.

We offer parts in zinc-plated steel and 304 or 216 stainless steel. If you need other materials, just content us; we will be happy to find a solution for you. We have a selection of options for every budget and project scope.

NEMA and JIC Parts & Hardware

For electrical work, you can’t go wrong with parts and hardware created to NEMA/JIC standards. SPEP has a selection of NEMA boxes, JIC enclosures and other parts based on these two respected organizations’ standards. Furthermore, we can create custom components to these or any standards you may require. In the electrical manufacturing industry, safety is the top priority. So, we take conforming to the most relevant standards seriously. For us, it isn’t just a marketing tactic; it is a commitment to quality.

Custom Electronic Enclosures From SPEP

At SPEP, we have a highly-skilled design and development team that can help you create custom electronic enclosures and other components. We understand the importance of having the right part for your requirements. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that our product is exactly what you need.

Order Your Electronic Enclosure Parts Today

Explore the SPEP catalog of electronic enclosure boxes and other components. We also have extensive hardware for enclosure access management such as locks, handles, latches, hinges and more. If you can’t find the perfect part, contact us. We are happy to discuss creating a custom part for your needs. Learn more about our engineering process. Choose SPEP for all your electronic enclosure needs.