Specialty Hardware

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is one of the premier manufacturers of access hardware. Our dedicated team of engineers, manufacturers, and support staff is personally invested in our organization’s success and the satisfaction of our clients — SPEP is 100% employee-owned.

As part of this commitment to our clients, SPEP has curated one of the most expansive catalogs of access hardware available. In addition to providing solutions for mainstream applications, we also offer a broad selection of specialty hardware for niche applications such as:

Restaurant and Kitchen Fabrication

SPEP’s premium kitchen hardware is built to exhibit superior durability and functionality in commercial applications. If your company fabricates custom kitchens or restaurant equipment, our specialty hardware is perfectly suited to meet the demands of your project. In addition to our standard selection of access hardware, we also provide customized solutions that are designed according to your specifications.

Our engineers can prototype specialty hardware using your chosen materials, dimensions, and style. After you have approved a prototype, we can manufacture bulk hardware for your organization.

Clean Rooms

Clean room equipment must be equipped with durable and easy-to-sanitize access hardware. SPEP’s specialty hardware exhibits these qualities and many other desirable traits.

Our aesthetically pleasing and highly reliable access hardware is available in several easy-to-maintain finishes, including stainless steel. When safety and performance are essential to the success of your project, SPEP’s access hardware is the clear choice.


When selecting crating hardware, durability is a prime concern. Storage crates are frequently subjected to heavy loads and impacted by other storage equipment.

SPEP offers crating access hardware in extremely durable materials such as steel with an oxide finish. These access hardware components can endure the rigors of daily use and function reliably for extended periods in operational environments.


Need outside-of-the-box woodworking hardware for your proprietary designs? If so, then Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products’ team of experienced engineers would be glad to help.

Our engineers can transform your concept or idea into a precision-built piece of access hardware. You can select from various materials and finishes to optimize the aesthetics of your components.

Trash and Laundry Chute Access

Laundry chute parts are a very niche category of access hardware. As a result, it can be challenging to find precisely the components you need for laundry and trash chutes, especially if you are constructing a unique building. Until you search SPEP’s catalog, that is.

In addition to our large selection of laundry chute parts, we also offer custom design and fabrication services. If you cannot find the needed parts, contact our team and let us build them for you.

Mobile Restroom Access and Fittings

SPEPs inventory of specialty hardware also includes portable toilet parts. We offer portable toilet parts like hinges, locks, and handles in different finishes for your needs. These parts are manufactured from only the highest quality materials in order to ensure that they perform reliably and consistently.

Fireplace, Stove, and Kiln Interface and Control

Fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and kilns require parts that are — by far — some of the most difficult to acquire. However, SPEP has served numerous clients in these sectors and helped them find the components needed to complete their designs.

We manufacture several different types of access hardware for individual ovens and kilns, including cast-iron pressure release safety latches.

Contact SPEP for All of Your Specialty Hardware Needs

No matter what type of access hardware your company needs for its project, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products can accommodate. Between our extensive online inventory and our custom hardware creation capabilities, we can connect you with the perfect access hardware or other fitting to meet your needs.

To learn more, browse our online catalog or contact SPEP for personalized assistance. We look forward to becoming your preferred specialty access hardware supplier.