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by | Apr 5, 2024

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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) was featured in a 10-page spread in the December 2023 edition of Business View Magazine. Business View Magazine spotlights the latest developments in manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, supply chain, and logistics. They publish a monthly periodical which reaches over 877,000 subscribers.

This article highlights the many aspects of SPEP, which include our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and its impact on employees, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of supply chain excellence. The ESOP makes SPEP a unique company because our founder, Larry Mirrick, made sacrifices to set his employees up for future success beyond his tenure. Talking about the ESOP shows a different side to SPEP as a company, and we take pride in being 100% employee owned as it really shows in our customer service efforts. This article gives you knowledge of the people behind Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, not just SPEP the industrial access hardware manufacturer. Our president, Barry Stein, explained how our founder Larry Mirrick decided to convert SPEP into a 100% ESOP, really thinking of the long term picture and not just the shortsighted success of the company he built. Today, Larry Mirrick still remains on the board of directors, always keeping the employees top of mind. 

The company motto was recently updated from “Quality and Service Taken Personally” to “Employees Care More, Do More”. Both phrases have been trademarked and do a great job at explaining the essence of SPEP. Our brand identity is all about showing that everyone at SPEP’s primary goal is to serve the customer because we all have a vested interest in the success and growth of the company. Being employee owned is one of the most unique aspects of the company, and sets us apart from our competitors. Industrial access hardware is a fairly ubiquitous industry, so highlighting that we are also employee owned lets the customer know we are an organization who puts people first. In addition, SPEP has been able to recruit and retain top talent since converting into an ESOP which, in turn, results in minimal turnover. We encourage significant collaboration within our internal departments and have a “teamwork mentality” prioritizing customer needs in any situation. Business Development Manager, Scott Snider, shares that he makes an effort to purposefully voice during candidate interviews this perspective at SPEP and that a “that’s not my job” attitude would not be a good fit here. Everyone here shares a common goal, to serve the customer. 

SPEP has seen its customer service efforts shine throughout the years. Even though we are typically considered a small supplier on the grand scale, SPEP has received many awards for customer satisfaction. One year, SPEP received the small fry award from one of their biggest customers and it’s very rewarding to know that although we sell humble, low-cost widgets, our efforts can still be recognized. As a company, SPEP is also dedicated to giving back, as we put out an annual scholarship for aspiring engineers in the local community since 2020. 

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products embodies a special blend of innovation, empowerment, and dedication. Our recent feature in Business View Magazine highlights our commitment to employee ownership through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), underlining our long-term vision, and collective success. From our founder Larry Mirrick’s visionary leadership to our recent shift in motto to “Employees Care More, Do More,” we prioritize people over profits, fostering a culture where every individual’s contribution matters. This ethos translates into exceptional customer service, reflected in our numerous awards for customer satisfaction despite being a smaller supplier. Moreover, our dedication extends beyond business success to social responsibility. Initiatives like our annual scholarship program demonstrate our commitment to giving back and investing in the future. As we move forward, SPEP remains dedicated to redefining industry standards, championing employee empowerment, and delivering unparalleled service.

To read the full article about SPEP and our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you can find our Business View Magazine feature here. For more information on Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products and our range of industrial access hardware, please contact us at (800)-433-5554 or sales@spep.com.

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