Miscellaneous Commercial Access Hardware

For decades, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products have been the go-to choice for a variety of applications. Since SPEP was founded, we have crafted a comprehensive catalog of industrial access hardware. Our products are used in RVs, semi-trailers, marine applications, buses, crates and cases, and other rigorous environments.

Whether your design calls for custom RV products, corrosion-resistant marine hinges and latches, folding steps, lid stays, or other precision access hardware, SPEP can help. Our engineering and design teams will work with your organization to tweak existing products or create entirely new ones to suit your needs.

Every product that leaves the SPEP manufacturing floor is built to last. We can manufacture your access hardware out of many different materials such as steel, die-cast zinc, or lightweight aluminum. SPEP also assists with hardware design, prototyping, and large-volume parts production.

Our Products

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures hundreds of different access hardware components. Our primary product lineup includes hinges, hasps, handles, latches, pulls, locks, and tie-downs. In addition to these sought-after access hardware components, SPEP manufactures other miscellaneous items such as:

  • RV products
  • Folding steps
  • Lid stays
  • Eye bolts
  • Industrial snaps
  • Pallet cushions
  • Wire crate clamps

If you need any of these specialized hardware components, we invite you to browse through our extensive catalog. We offer several variations of each product type. Most products are available in several different materials and finishes, including zinc-plated steel, electropolished stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and powder-coated die-cast zinc.

Unable to find what you need in our catalog? No worries, as our highly experienced engineers can craft precision products in accordance with your specifications. Our professionals will discuss the demands of your intended application and help you select the ideal material to maximize the longevity of your hardware.

Why Choose Us?

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is known throughout the manufacturing industry for our commitment to excellent and exceptional customer service. Every member of the SPEP family takes pride in meeting the needs of our clients by providing them with top-quality access hardware.

The fuel for this winning culture is our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This ESOP allowed SPEP to become a 100% employee-owned company in 2005. The program ensures that all team members have a vested stake in the satisfaction of our clients and the success of the company.

SPEP’s entire catalog of mainstream access hardware and niche components is built following our stringent quality control standards. This focus means you can confidently turn to SPEP when you need miscellaneous equipment such as RV products, folding steps, footman loops, or marine hinges and latches.

Learn More

The Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products catalog includes over 5,600 access hardware components. This catalog includes lid stays, eye bolts, industrial snaps, RV products, and more. However, if none of the products in our standard catalog can meet the needs of your project, our prototyping and design team can create custom hardware that will.

SPEP is an ISO 9001-certified company that leverages Oracle’s Quality Module to provide you with an optimized customer service experience. We also provide user-friendly order tracking to keep you in the loop while we manufacture your products. At SPEP, we understand that transparency and communication are integral to forging lasting relationships with our clients.

If you have questions about our industrial access hardware or would like to learn more about custom manufacturing solutions, contact Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products today. We are excited about the opportunity to help you build your brand and finish your project by providing you with world-class access hardware products.