Vehicular Hardware

Does your project require reliable vehicular hardware that is manufactured by a reputable provider? Need access hardware that you know can endure rugged environments and function reliably with heavy usage? Interested in obtaining custom solutions such as barrel hinges, compression levers, and padlockable L-handles?

If so, then Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products can help. We provide a huge selection of vehicular hardware for various equipment types, including the following:

Service Trucks

SPEP’s massive catalog of truck hardware is suitable for a wide array of applications. Our vehicle access hardware has been used in cold climates, humid environments, and other harsh conditions.

We also offer locking, non-locking, and combination locking access hardware equipment. Our durable and expertly-designed lockable solutions are perfect for service truck applications because they allow workers to secure their valuable equipment.

Buses and Rails

SPEP is also a premier provider of bus hardware. We can provide you with a consistent flow of high-quality bus hardware so that you can perform essential maintenance and manufacturing operations.

Much of our vehicle hardware is available in multiple materials, depending on the demands of your intended application. Examples of the materials we use to manufacture top-quality truck hardware include die-cast zinc, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The SPEP team can provide you with hardware in various finishes so that you can perfectly meet your customers’ expectations. Some of the finishes we offer include chrome-plated, powder-coated, and zinc-plated.

Livestock Trailers

Few pieces of vehicular equipment take more of a beating than horse and livestock trailers. Therefore, you must equip your livestock trailers with ultra-durable vehicular hardware that can endure the rigors of daily use.

Our livestock trailer access hardware is available in many finishes and can withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environments. We also offer custom access hardware solutions to meet the unique demands of your design.

Catering/Food Trucks

When manufacturing food trucks, you must outfit these vehicles with easy-to-clean access hardware. Selecting hardware that is easy to maintain will help preserve a sanitary cooking environment and enhance staff safety.

With that in mind, SPEP offers hundreds of access hardware solutions ideal for use in food trucks or catering vehicles. Examples include continuous aluminum hinges, steel-formed pulls, and stainless steel refrigerator latches.

Cargo/Dump Trailers

SPEP also manufactures vehicular hardware for use with cargo or dump trailers. Our electropolished, stainless steel door holders are the perfect addition to enclosed trailers.

We also produce parts such as two-piece door holders, nylon sockets for door holders, and wire door holders with arms. No matter which type of trailer you manufacture or maintain, SPEP can provide you with the access hardware to complete your project.

Emergency Response Vehicles

SPEP manufactures a wide range of access hardware for emergency response vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks. Our product line includes compression lever latches, folding t-handle latches, and other mission-critical hardware.

Emergency service personnel throughout the nation rely on SPEP vehicular hardware solutions to keep their life-saving equipment safe and secure while in transit.


The SPEP catalog of vehicular hardware also includes solutions for motorsports and utility vehicles. Our hardware can be used to secure ATV lockboxes and to keep utility vehicle doors safely shut. We also produce hardware such as vehicular strap hinges, pull action bolt latches, and adjustable friction hinges.

Recreational Vehicles

Over the years, SPEP’s products have been used by top recreational vehicle manufacturers. We provide our RV clients with access hardware like door hinges, handles, locking mechanisms, and hasps.

If you have been searching for a trusted vehicle hardware supplier, look no further than Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products. At SPEP, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-quality access hardware solutions that can withstand even the most rigorous applications.

In addition to our extensive catalog of access hardware, we also provide custom solutions. Our experienced engineering team can assist with design, prototyping, and bulk hardware production. Contact SPEP today to learn more.