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World-Class Industrial Hardware Engineering

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products (SPEP) is a world-class business-to-business supplier with over 35 years experience in the access hardware market. We are a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of industrial hardware components for both OEMs and hardware distributors across the globe.

Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, SPEP also has distribution warehouses in Chicago, IL and Dallas, TX, along with our own production facility in Jiaxing China.

Your OEM Industrial Hardware Manufacturer

With our exceptional manufacturing capacity, we supply hardware components in bulk to our customers for use in production of a wide variety of final assemblies and product lines. Our customers range from small single-person operations to Fortune 100 companies spanning various industries, including Enclosures, Transportation, HVAC, and more.

Our equally impressive catalog features more than 4,000 industrial products, including industrial hinges and latches. We also manufacture door holders, hasps and staples, locks, handles, tie-downs, and much more.

Cutting edge manufacturing technology, innovative designs, and superior engineering expertise enable us to deliver premium quality products. Our entire catalog combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. We follow rigorous methodologies to ensure that all our products are suitable to meet relevant industry standards.

Each item in our product line is developed with durability in mind, and crafted to withstand heavy usage and harsh conditions. SPEP is committed to providing dependable quality products on time and at an unbeatable value, all with world-class customer service.

Conditions of Sale at Sierra Pacific Engineering & Poducts | Latches

SPEP Custom Hardware Manufacturing and Design

In addition to our large selection of standard items, more than half of what we sell is not listed in our catalog. We regularly work with clients to design and manufacture custom industrial hardware. Collaborating with our customers to solve problems and optimize performance of parts in their specific applications is our specialty.

Our team of experienced engineers works closely with customers during the custom manufacturing process. Our engineers use the full suite of features within SolidWorks 3D CAD system to speed up design times and maximize productivity. They use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict how each product performs and functions in real-world conditions before ever producing physical parts.

Our streamlined prototyping process allows our engineers to design and proof concepts quickly. State-of-the-art 3D printers enable us to deliver physical samples in real-time using ABS plastic before the need for tooling. Our innovative production process accelerates the design and production of new parts, so you are quick to market with your new product.

SPEP is an ISO 9001-certified company, and we are committed to the pursuit of quality and excellence on all fronts. We use Oracle’s E-Business Suite for paperless operations while maximizing efficiency. Our system has a lifetime history of every part we sell which allows us to see our customer’s run rates and seasonalities to plan ahead and better serve them. All our workstations and forklifts within our warehouses connect to our ERP system in real-time to enable faster order processing while providing on-demand order tracking.

The SPEP Difference

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products is a 100% employee-owned company. Everyone on our team is heavily invested in the company’s success and diligently works to meet and surpass customer expectations. We go above and beyond in everything we do.

Our staff is comprised of skillful problem solvers and application experts. An innovative, forward-thinking approach allows us to nurture and cultivate long-term business relationships.

With our extreme focus on customer experience, we remain flexible to accommodate your unique needs. We readily apply our considerable knowledge and expertise to help customers create and implement new products.

We are time conscious and expedite every order. We carry sufficient inventory in our 3 distribution centers in Long Beach, Dallas, and Chicago to reduce the lead time and minimize risk for our customers.

We have vastly increased our manufacturing capacity in recent years and work with a large stable of other trusted contract manufacturers from diverse origins. Therefore, we can fulfill your bulk orders in record time without compromising quality or stability.

Our annual customer surveys show that 99.5% of our customers would recommend us to an industrial hardware supplier for five years straight.

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