Industrial Cam Locks

Industries that require high-quality cam locks, latches, handles, and other types of industrial hardware trust Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) and our depth of knowledge and experience. We offer the highest quality industrial hardware components for use across a vast and diverse array of applications.

As a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying standard and custom hardware, we offer thousands of products in our product catalog available worldwide. Our industrial locks are vital to OEM product makers across numerous industries.  

An experienced industrial cam lock manufacturer, SPEP offers superior hardware suitable for any need in any industry. Using the right type of cam lock is vital to making a durable, reliable, cohesive product while providing the utmost security.

Your Cam Lock Suppliers for Any Application

When looking for cam lock suppliers, you will find that SPEP has one of the most expansive inventories of cam locks on the market today. We are also able to manufacture custom industrial locks to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

SPEP manufactures industrial locks in wide variety of sizes and shapes, with base lengths from 11/32 in. to 1 ⅜”. Choose from key lockable cam locks, handle-operated cam locks, separate cams and bases, and cam lock accessories in a variety of finishes. Some of the most popular finishes include black, stainless steel, brass-plated, and chrome-plated.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products can pair a lock body and housing with a cam in any style or shape. This includes anything from simple rectangular cams to offset cams and everything in between. Whether you need a simple drawer locking mechanism or a tamper-proof heavy-duty industrial lock, SPEP will deliver the ideal access hardware for your needs.

Types of Industrial Locks

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures more industrial cam locks than many of our competitors. Our locks are available in a vast array of materials, configurations, and styles to ensure a perfect installation every time.

Latching distance or grip is determined by cam offset and housing length, and door thickness is a critical component in calculating the grip. The distance of the frame from the center of the lock is required to determine the correct cam length needed. While some cams can be installed on the lock with the offset out (cam reversed), others can be installed with the offset in (cam forward).

Some of the cam locks we supply include brass tubular cam locks, die-cast zinc/chrome-plated cam locks, straight cam locks, straight cam locks with offsets, black pad-lockable cylinder locks, slam locks, die-cast bolt latch locks, thumb turn cam locks, and many more. We also produce thousands of cam lock accessories, from trim rings and hooks to dust covers and CP latches.

Custom Manufactured Cam Lock Hardware

Having access to the correct components for your projects and products is essential. Unique applications require unique solutions, which is why we offer customized product development services to our customers. 

These services include 3D printing, off-tool sampling, design, engineering, prototyping, and many others. We also offer custom manufacturing service because we know how critical it is that every product works seamlessly to meet project specifications, and we’re committed to ensuring that happens every time.

Contact SPEP for Industrial Cam Locks

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is leading the way for cam lock suppliers across the country. SPEP is an ISO 9001-certified company, and we invite you to contact us today to order any of our products or for assistance with your needs; we’ll be happy to help.