Industrial Hardware

For decades, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) has provided clients in a wide range of industries with reliable and durable machinery hardware.

Our access hardware components are precision engineered and built with only the highest quality components. We manufacture a broad array of industrial latches and other access-related machinery hardware.

SPEP not only manufactures components for general commercial applications, but we also provide access hardware for heavy equipment. Our heavy equipment parts function reliably and safely, even in the most demanding environments. If you need hardware that you can depend on, SPEP is the partner for the job.

Our Industrial Hardware

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products produces machinery hardware for a multitude of applications and uses, including the following categories:

Spray Booth

SPEP’s extensive inventory includes spray booth latches and other spray booth-related components, such as hinges. We offer traditional butt hinges, vehicular strap hinges, pressure-release safety latches, barrel hinges, and steel-formed pulls.

Our spray booth latches and other components are available in several different materials and finishes. For example, our steel-formed pulls are available in either a steel or zinc-plated finish. We also offer clear coating on select products to improve longevity and aesthetics.

Material Handling/Storage

SPEP material handling hardware is used in factories and manufacturing facilities around the world. Our expert-designed and precisely-crafted hardware is also used to secure various storage doors and containers. Like all SPEP products, our material handling hardware is available in multiple sizes and styles. Additionally, these components are available in several different finishes.

If you are unable to find the material handling hardware that you need in SPEP’s extensive inventory, our engineers can design a custom solution for your organization. Our design team can oversee everything from part design to prototyping and bulk manufacturing.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy equipment parts and access hardware are subjected to extremely rigorous environments. These stresses make it vital that you acquire your heavy equipment parts from an experienced and reputable manufacturer like SPEP. Our organization has a long-standing reputation for making durable, rugged components that are built to last.

Many of our heavy machinery parts are manufactured from steel and then plated with zinc. This production method maximizes durability and performance in demanding environments, such as those found on construction sites.

Agriculture/Farm Equipment

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is proud to do our part to support the nation’s farmers by providing equipment manufacturers with precision-built agricultural hardware. Our agricultural hardware has been used in the production of thousands of tractors and other pieces of essential farming equipment.

We provide manufacturers with components such as door latches, hinges, and locking mechanisms to ensure that the doors on their equipment stay secure.. Our access hardware is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.

Commercial Lighting

SPEP’s catalog of components includes industrial lighting hardware. Our steel latches with zinc plating are used to keep industrial light fixtures secure.

These ergonomic and durable latches not only provide a professional appearance but also have the durability necessary to function reliably for years. SPEP offers several other material and finish variations, depending on the specific needs of your intended application.

Contact SPEP for Bulk Hardware

If you need industrial latches and other heavy equipment parts, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products can help. We have a massive catalog of components, including countless options designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

When you cannot find the equipment to meet the unique demands of your intended application, our expert engineering team can design a custom solution.

To speak with our sales or engineering team, contact SPEP today.