Spray Booth Hardware & Parts

Spray/paint booths play a key role in many industries ranging from product manufacturing to automotive repair. Like other products used in commercial and industrial applications, spray booths need the right hardware to operate well. Turn to Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products to supply reliable hardware parts for your spray/paint booth manufacturing process.

Spray Booth Door Hardware

Nearly every industrial application that involves some sort of spray-on coating, paint or finish requires an appropriate spray booth. For example, they are used for finishing cabinetry, painting vehicles, applying a rubberized coating to industrial products and much more.

SPEP’s catalog features a selection of products for spray booths. This includes explosion venting latches, a key part for most spray booth designs, as well as paint booth door latch, light and heavy duty hinges, pull and other hardware. We have parts in stainless, cast iron, steel, plastic and other materials. Plus, many of our parts are available in multiple finishes. We are happy to help you find the part that perfectly fits your manufacturing requirements.

We also carry NEMA/JIC hardware that can be used for electronic enclosures in your spray booth products. SPEP can handle orders ranging from a single part to thousands of units for your production line.

Custom Spray Booth Hardware

Although the SPEP catalog includes thousands of different parts, we know that every customer has unique requirements. So, we also offer custom part design and production.

If you need a unique latch design to fit specific requirements, we are happy to design and product that for you. Additionally, if you simply want one of our existing items in a different material and finish combination, we can do that also. In short, SPEP is here to deliver all the custom spray booth door hardware and other parts that you may need.

Place Your Spray Booth Hardware Order Today

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products is the go-to option for high-quality access hardware and other parts. We have a broad selection of spray booth parts. Additionally, our fast and easy custom engineering process helps you to get the right part at the right price and the right time. Contact us today to learn more and place your order.