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Toggle Clamps

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Latch Action, Pull Push & Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are an effective pieces of hardware for holding things in place during production processes. They blend a simple design with impressive locking action, substantial holding power and capable security. You may be interested in our latch action, pull push and heavy duty toggle clamps for a mass production application or for a bespoke design. In either case, you will find that they are easy to use and well-suited to industrial uses.

Why Toggle Clamps?

All toggle clamp types feature a simple design. The clamping arm connects to the work item, it is actuated by the lever arm and the base connects the clamp to an anchor. When in the locked position, the clamp can handle forces up to over 2,000 pounds (depending on the model chosen). This provides plentiful holding capacity for most situations.

Using a toggle clamp to hold an item in place offers an excellent balance of utility and ease of use. By using lever action, they provide impressive, lockable holding force. Additionally, they can be operated with one hand with relative ease. Since they are anchored in place, getting everything lined up is significantly easier than with a two-jaw clamp. Overall, this is a great piece of hardware for weld fixturing machine tool positioning, injection molding, gauging and more.

Types of Toggle Clamps

At SPEP, we have a selection of toggle clamps for different applications. They are available in steel or stainless steel and can be zinc-plated or mill-finished if desired.

  • Hold-Down Horizontal Handle:These clamps push down to hold items in place. The handles extend from the latch in the horizontal direction when in the locked position.
  • Hold-Down Vertical Handle: These clamps perform the same action as their horizontal couterpart. However, the handle extends vertically when locked.
  • Push Pull: The push pull toggle clamp design has a plunger that is activated by moving the lever. It can be used to push or pull the workpiece, depending on need.
  • Latch Action: Our latch action toggle clamp has a hook that connects with a keeper. It works like an access latch.
  • Heavy Duty: We offer several heavy duty toggle clamps. These provide more holding capacity than our other clamps. We have several clamps that offer 700+ pounds of capacity and one that exceed 2,000 pounds.

Custom Toggle Clamp Designs

In addition to the above, we can also provide custom toggle clamp solutions for your application. If you want one of our existing designs in a different material/finish combination, we can provide that. Alternatively, we can offer other types of toggle clamps than those seen in our catalog if needed. Our designers will work with your team to ensure that we offer the right part at the right price.

Contact Your Custom Toggle Clamp Manufacturer

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has the right toggle clamps for your needs. Whether you are looking for push pull, heavy duty or latch action toggle clamps, you will find what you need in our catalog. Plus, we can custom design a part for your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our toggle clamps and other hardware.