Tie Down Rings & Their Many Uses

by | May 7, 2021

SPEP tie downs

Tie down rings are a common type of hardware used to fasten a rope, cord, cable or chain to an anchor point as a way to secure cargo. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has a wide variety of these rings for applications on trailers, trucks, RVs and many other uses. We produce aluminum, stainless steel and forged steel tie down rings. Plus, we have rings with additional special features such as plastic or rubberized anti-rattle bases.

Typically, tie downs are used to make securing cargo easier. They are used mostly in transportation applications or anywhere else that cargo may need to be tied down. Additionally, you may use a D ring tie down anchor to help secure things like awnings or other covers in place. Any time you are making a product that requires the ability to hold something down that would otherwise slide or jostle around, this hardware should be your go-to.

Whatever your cargo-securing needs may be, we likely have a tie down ring in our catalog that can work for you. Plus, we also offer custom engineering solutions. If we don’t have the right hardware for your specifications in our catalog, we can create a brand new item or modify one of our existing designs to fit your needs.

Tie Down Ring Materials and Considerations

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we can offer a variety of tie down styles and configurations. Whether you need chain retainers for your trailer, recessed cargo tie down rings to go flush on the floor, or heavy duty D ring tie down anchors for the heaviest of payloads, we have products in our catalog for you.

Depending on the material chosen, we offer a variety of finish options such as electropolishing, mill, nickel-plating, hand polishing, and zinc-plating. Additionally, we can offer many of our designs in large, medium, and small tie down anchors. If you need a combination of material, finish, and features that isn’t in our catalog, just let us know, we are happy to provide you with a customized quote.

Several of our newest designs include features that prevent rattle and allow the D ring to be held in various positions so it can be operated one-handed. Although most of our products are designed to be integrated into products and vehicles by OEMs, we also offer bolt on tie down rings that can be added as optional upgrades or modifications to existing products.

Typically, the most popular tie down shape is a D ring. We also offer triangular and circular loops or even chain retainers to fit different application needs. All of our tie downs have a rated load capacity published in our catalog so you can choose the correct strength to meet your required safety standards. Our strongest parts have a breaking load of 32,000 pounds.

Types of D Ring Tie Downs

Beyond different materials, finishes, and load ratings, we also produce a variety of different tie down types. Every application is a little different, so you need to have a tie down that will fit in the required space without interfering with other operations. The following are some of the types of D-ring tie downs that we offer:

  • Base Mount: These tie downs have a special base that the D ring sits inside. When folded flat, the tie down will be completely nested within the base. This can be more aesthetically pleasing than bare D rings and can also provide anti-rattle functionality.
  • Recessed: For an even more flush design, we have recessed D rings. These are designed to be inserted into cutouts in the mounting surface, such as the deck of a trailer. These recessed tie down rings can lie completely flat with nothing protruding from the mounting surface.
  • Rotating: In some applications, it is important for the ring to be able to rotate with the connected strap. This may happen if different cargo configurations need to be secured or if the strap is mobile. We can provide D rings that rotate 360 degrees without compromising strength.
  • Bolt On Brackets: These D rings have very simple, low-profile designs. They are ideal for when you need a straightforward anchoring point in a tight space. This is especially popular with the smaller sized metal tie down rings.
  • Weld On Mounts: The majority of our designs are intended to be screwed, bolted, or riveted in place. However, some are designed to be welded directly into place. This is ideal for tie downs integrated into the frame of trailers and tends to be some of our high load rated parts.

Custom Engineering of Tie Down Rings

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has a large catalog featuring thousands of hardware products. However, we know that every customer’s requirements are unique. So, we offer a custom design and engineering process for components based on your specifications.

We will collaborate with you to design the right part for the right price and available at the right time. Whether you have comprehensive CAD documentation of your ideal part or just a description of your requirements, we can work with you to design, quote, and manufacture your new hardware. Contact us with any questions or place your order with Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products today

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