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Tie Downs

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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures high quality tie down rings for use on RVs and trailers. A tie down is a simple component that allows the easy attachment of rope, chains or other gear to the trailer. In many instances it is used to keep heavy cargo from moving around during transportation.

We carry a full line of trailer tie downs, with some models able to withstand loads of up to 6000 lbs. — plenty of tension for almost any consumer cargo.

Our tie down anchors, including “footman loops,” are simple formed brackets with holes at each end for screw attachment. Our D-ring tie downs consist of a welded or forged D-ring with or without a bracket and base. All of our rings are sized to accept a variety of attachment methods such as ropes, hooks or D-rings.

Many of our tie down rings are constructed of stainless steel or zinc-plated steel to reduce the rate of corrosion in moist environments. We have a number of designs available, including some with black plastic, zinc-plated or mill finished recessed bases to maintain a smooth surface on the trailer wall.

If none of the tie down rings in our 4,000-part catalog meets your requirements, contact us for assistance in modifying one of our designs or creating a new one.

At SPEP, we employ the best engineers in the industry, so the quality of our trailer tie downs is top-notch. We're ISO 9001 certified, meaning that our production standards and methodology have been verified as excellent. All orders received are quickly updated across our ERP system, enabling easy tracking for you.

In 2005, SPEP became 100% ESOP-owned which motivates each employee to personally ensure customer satisfaction. Contact us today for all your tie down anchor requirements.