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Tie Down Rings

Do you haul a lot of cargo for work or sport? If so, you understand the importance of secure cargo tie-downs. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we understand it, too, and we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tie-down hardware on the market. We have over 4,000 products in our catalog and consider ring tie-downs to be one of the most critical.

Safe and Secure Tie Down Rings

At SPEP we put our best engineering efforts into some of the most simple hardware, such as the D ring tie-down. A basic mountable ring, it needs to be impeccably built to withstand the loads placed upon it and survive extreme conditions. We stock the following D rings:

  • Zinc plated surface mount
  • Zinc plated loop and rope
  • Stainless steel loop and rope
  • Steel forged lashing ring
  • Polished aluminum loop and rope
  • Nickel-plated loop and rope

The Right Tie Down for the Job

Be sure to pick the D ring tie down you need for your circumstances. If you work in a wet environment, you should choose a stainless steel or zinc-plated tie-down for better corrosion and oxidation resistance. The working weight matters, too. A strong forged lashing ring can handle up to 9,000 pounds.

Are you hauling with a flatbed truck, a trailer, or a pickup? Do you want a surface mount with a low profile for a truck bed or are you planning on welding the ring to the truck? Take all these factors into consideration before deciding upon your tie-down. Of course, you can talk to the team at SPEP and get our advice on the best hardware for your application.

Get a Custom Tie Down

Looking for a different style tie-down? Browse all options including flush mount, surface mount, trailer, lashing, and recessed. In the event that there is nothing in our catalog that precisely meets your requirements, get in touch about a custom order. We can customize rings for specific working weights, attachment methods, and lashing materials.

Our fully-automated shop floor is state-of-the-art and produces gold standard products. Let our engineering team know what your needs are, and they'll get to work for you. Call or email SPEP today to learn about all your hardware options.