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Recessed Tie Downs

Hauling cargo for work or play demands the best equipment. Without it, safety is compromised and the cargo could be lost and lives endangered. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we believe that safety is in the details, which is why we design the highest quality tie-down hardware in the industry. We have over 4,000 products in our catalog and are confident that we can provide the right piece of hardware for you.

Recessed tie-down rings can serve in a variety of applications. The rings pivot up when in use and pivot down into the pan when they are not. The pan itself is mounted flush with the mounting surface which means this ring is a great choice for trailer or truck beds. We manufacture a wide selection of recessed tie-downs, including the following:

  • Zinc-plated with a breaking load capacity up to 6,000 pounds
  • Milled steel with a breaking load capacity of 2,000 pounds
  • Milled steel with 360° rotating D-rings
  • Milled steel with two 360° rotating D-rings

You can choose the functionality, breaking load capacity, and the finish you want so that your hauling gear still looks good while working hard.

Tie Down Features

At SPEP, we take pride in designing innovative, quality hardware. Our recessed tie-down brackets have features you may struggle to find elsewhere. For example, consider our double D-ring recessed tie-down that offers a mount flush pan and two D-rings that can pivot up or down. In addition, they can rotate a full 360° for maximum versatility, providing you with an anchor point in any direction. Patented by SPEP, this tie-down has a breaking load capacity of 3,750 pounds and may very well be the most useful tie-down ring on the market.

Get a Custom Tie-Down

Looking for a different style tie-down? Browse all options including flush mount, surface mount, trailer, lashing, and ring. Whatever you are looking for we are sure to have it. If you don't see the features you need in our catalog, let us know. We can custom design a tie-down for you.

Our engineering team and fully-automated shop floor create and build tie-downs to customers' specifications. Tell us what you want, and we'll deliver. Call or email today to learn more about our gold standard services and products. We look forward to working with you.

Sierra Pacific Engineering is proud to produce a wide variety of industrial hardware including custom pieces developed via rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Many of our products are used in the following industries however serve purposes far and wide.

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