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Magnetic door catches are great for almost any application where a lightweight door needs to stay closed and a mechanical latch is not needed. Some specific uses for magnetic door latches include drawers, HVAC panels, and can commonly be found in RVs and Industrial trucks and trailers where locking is not necessary but the jostling of roads can cause damage to doors and surrounding structures.

Being completely passive, magnetic latches are also great for durability. with no corrodible components, they can last a long time in even the harshest conditions. Typically you will find magnetic door catches with two components. the door catch with magnetic catches and a ferrous striker plate to attract to the catch and can hold around 5-15 lbs. depending on its size.

Additionally, they are very versatile as the magnetic catch can be mounted with or without the ferrous striker plate depending on the material it is being used on, and the striker plate does not have to be perfectly aligned like most catches or latches.

SPEP Magnetic Door Catch Finishes and Materials

While the majority of our magnetic door catches are made from plastic and are either black or white. We also make magnetic door catches in Brass, Aluminum, and dye cast zinc. Most of our magnetic door catches are designed to be either concealed or recessed into the enclosure, giving a clean look and less chance of things catching on them and will fit in many OEM products.

Custom Magnetic Door Catches

While we’ve found that our range of magnetic door catches can fulfill the needs of almost any project which it calls for. We are more than capable of modifying one of our current designs or developing a magnetic door catch to fit your exact application. With a full department of engineers working on access hardware daily, we can quickly design, develop, and even prototype a custom made magnetic door catch to fit your exact needs and then quickly and accurately produce a product in bulk.

Speak With Our Representatives To Learn More

If you have further questions about our magnetic door catches or are ready to place an order, feel free to contact us so we can further discuss how we can help you with your project. We also have free CAD downloads of most of our products to help integrate our access hardware into your design. Simply click on the product you’re interested in using, click download, sign in, and enjoy!