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Cabinet Latches

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You might notice that we only have a few options for cabinet latches, whereas our selections of hinges and other types of latches are enormous. What gives? Why are there only a few options? Simple. Our cabinet latches are designed to work with almost any type of cabinet, and they're designed to work well. It's quite conceivable that a set of cabinet latches from Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products will be the last you ever have to install, because all of our products are made with expert care and craftsmanship.

The reasons for installing cabinet latches are numerous, and these latches are not just for cabinets. Cabinet latches can be used on bathroom cupboards and kitchen cupboards, too. Want to keep pets and children away from potentially dangerous kitchen chemicals? Install some cabinet latches on the cabinets or cupboards that house the offensive materials. You can even install cabinet latches that require a key or other tool to open and unlock. Try protecting your belongings and important files from prying eyes by installing a lockable cabinet latch. Want to keep your pets from rooting through the garbage whenever you leave the room? Install some cabinet latches that require an opposable thumb to operate, and your pets will be safe from garbage and your kitchen floor will remain clean.

If for any reason you have problems installing your new cabinet latches, feel free to call or email our customer service department. Each of our representatives -along with the rest of our employees - has a personal stake in the success of the employee-owned company, and he or she will do the best to assist you. When you have your entire workforce with a personal stake in the company, you can rest assured that they will be doing their best work possible.

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