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Cam Locks

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Key Lockable Cam Locks & Accessories

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we're proud to provide world-class access hardware to distributors and OEMs across the country. We've been solidifying a name for ourselves as a trusted hardware manufacturer for more than 30 years, and as an ISO 9001 certified company, we strive to achieve a gold standard in customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality and reliability in our products and designs. Security is a primary concern when it comes to industrial access hardware, and we offer a variety of reliable locks and cam locks to ensure proper security in any situation.

Why Cam Locks?

A cam lock is a simple, powerful mechanism for securing a door, lid, or other opening that uses a cylindrical base to convert circular motion into linear motion. By turning a key in the cam lock or the cam lock's handle, the lock moves a rectangular cam in or out of a locking position or keeper, securing the opening simply, quickly and efficiently, and cost-effectively. Cam locks are effective for tamper-proof security on buses, RVs, trucks, trailers, marine equipment, and electronic or HVAC enclosures and endless other applications.

Cam Locks & Cam Lock Accessories

SPEP manufacturers cam locks in virtually every shape and size, with base lengths ranging from 11/32 in. cam locks to 1 3/8 in. cam locks. We can pair your base with a cam of almost any length and style, including right and left hooks, offset cams, or simple rectangular cams. We offer both complete key operated cam locks, separate cams and bases, and cam lock accessories in a variety of finishes including chrome plated, brass plated, black, and stainless steel.

Contact Your Custom Cam Lock Manufacturer

Whether you're looking for a simple locking mechanism on a lid or need a secure, tamper-proof key lockable cam lock for an RV, SPEP will work with you to find the ideal access hardware for your application. Our cam locks are made to industrial strength for maximum durability and will stand up to heavy use. Contact us to learn more about our cam locks today.

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