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Creating Thoughtful Hardware Solutions

In the last 30+ years of manufacturing custom hinges and other access hardware for customers, we’ve designed and produce an extensive array of quality hinges and access hardware for a range of uses. While some have been one off and then never reused again, we’ve found some to be useful in many different applications and have added them to our extensive catalog of products.

Skilled engineers thoughtfully design SPEP hinges for a variety of applications, providing creative solutions for all your needs. One example of this ingenuity at work is the anti-corrosive aluminum hinges we make, which can be used in place of steel hinges. You get the same sturdy hardware at only two-thirds the weight. If you need a customized piece, we’re happy to design one for you or we can even tweak your product design to fit the application.

Made for a Wide Range of Uses

SPEP hinges are built for the long haul. In fact, they are used in trucks, trailers, RVs and buses, as well as the following applications:

•  Crates and cases
•  Sheds and spray booths
•  Electronic HVAC enclosures
•  Boat cabins and engine compartments
•  Other corrosive marine environments

Durable and dependable, our hinges are made from a variety of materials, all of the best quality. Depending on its intended use, we create hinges with die-cast zinc, brass, aluminum, polymer (plastic) and steel varieties, including stainless steel, electro-galvanized steel, and 316 steel. To match your product, we also offer a variety of finishes.

Thousands of Access Hardware Parts

Our catalog features more than 4,000 access hardware products, including latches, tie-downs, locks and more. Businesses around the world rely on SPEP to provide essential parts for electronic enclosures, RVs, truck/trailers, sheds, and additional applications.

Contact SPEP Today

Our highly qualified testers and skilled engineers are involved in every phase of manufacturing to ensure quality standards are met. SPEP is ISO 9001-certified, and we use Oracle’s Quality Module to provide superior order tracking and customer service. Contact us for more information about custom hardware or if you need help finding a specific part.