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Defeater Handle Cams

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SPEP offers a variety of custom hardware options, including custom hasps and handles. Our defeater handles are specially designed to offer safety and security.

Using SPEP’s Defeater Handles

Defeater handles require two-handed operation for safety and security. The mechanism also allows for automatic locking. Our patented padlockable defeater handle is offered as key locking, tool access or non-locking to suit your level of restriction.  

These handles are recommended as an additional security measure. The spring loaded tab accepts up to a 3/8” size padlock. SPEP defeater handles are intended for NEMA 4x enclosure requirements, with a sealing gasket built into the escutcheon. These are recommended for indoor or outdoor applications in a variety of industries.

Defeater handles may be mounted using a provided body nut. Multiple holes are also available as an added mounting option. These bi-directional handles are similar to quarter turn latches and may rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise with the help of its removable stop washer. SPEP offers a large number of hardware and accessories for Defeater handles. SPEP defeater handles are always performance tested to satisfy your high security needs.

Contact SPEP Today

If you are in need of defeater handles or other custom hardware, visit us at SPEP to begin designing. Our engineers will work with you to create the custom hasps and custom hardware you need. If you have questions or want to begin designing your defeater handles, contact us today!