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For centuries, brass chest handles were used to pick up and move heavy wooden chests; but, this simple, practical handle style can now be seen on cabinets, tool boxes, crates, cases, hatches and storage bins as well. Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) manufactures a variety of custom handles, including chest handles for a broad range of functions.

Types of Chest Handles

SPEP knows you need a hasp manufacturer that meets your custom hardware needs—whatever they may be. That’s why we provide a variety of designs to fit your products, including chest handles with or without a spring-loaded bail, which keeps the handle tucked neatly in place until it’s needed. This is a useful attribute for electronic enclosures or trucks and trailers.

At SPEP, we produce both recessed and non-recessed chest handles for industrial OEM products. Recessed chest handles fit into a compartment fitted into a door, lid, or the sidewall of a crate or chest. The handles are completely flush against the surface, so that viewed from a profile perspective, they are completely hidden.

In contrast, a non-recessed chest handle hangs loosely against the surface and can be seen from the side view. The differences between the two types are mostly cosmetic, and each style essentially performs the same function. However, on a boat, trailer or RV, or anywhere space is tight, recessed chest handles may be preferable.

Our Custom Chest Handles

SPEP’s chest handles are made of zinc, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, or hollow steel. A variety of finishes are available, including mill, nickel plated, black powder coated, black matte powder coated, black electro-coated, clear zinc-plated, and yellow zinc-plated (giving it a brass finish, which also offers more corrosion resistance).  Some of our handles also include red PVC or black rubber handle grips.

Contact SPEP Today

Through a complex, standardized method of designing, testing and manufacturing, SPEP’s engineering team is constantly tweaking and perfecting each chest handle design, making sure that the quality of our products is maximized. If you are interested in purchasing or designing a custom chest handle, contact our customer service department for friendly, expert advice on selecting the best custom hasp for your application. No matter your custom hardware needs, SPEP is here to help.