Enclosures Parts & Hardware

For decades, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products (SPEP) has been a premier provider of access hardware for manufacturers. We serve clients in various industries by providing them with expertly-crafted industrial hardware at a great price. SPEP holds over 80 patents, is ISO-certified, and strictly adheres to rigorous quality control protocols.

In addition to providing reliable access hardware for marine, industrial, and vehicular applications, we also manufacture superior quality enclosure hardware. Our catalog contains enclosure hardware for a broad range of applications, including the following:


Our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) access hardware and enclosure accessories include items such as cam rollers, out-swing plastic L-handles, pull action compression pawl latches, lift-off hinges, and much more.

At SPEP, we understand the demands of each client are different. That is why we offer HVAC enclosure hardware in a variety of materials. Some of the materials we use include 316SS, stainless steel, steel, plastic, and die-cast zinc. We also apply quality finishes to our products in order to maximize their performance lifespan.

Power Generation

It is vital that power generation equipment manufacturers incorporate quality enclosure hardware into their design. Doing so will protect the equipment and also minimize the risk of harm to individuals using the devices.

All of SPEPs power generation access hardware is designed in accordance with the latest safety standards. We offer lockable handles, extremely durable latch kits, and other devices that are designed to last.


At SPEP, we produce a wide array of electrical enclosure hardware. Many of these products meet or exceed NEMA/JIC standards. By using these products, you can ensure that your project is completed following all relevant state and federal regulations.

SPEP produces access hardware and enclosure accessories such as gaskets, three-point center cases, quarter-turn latches, and other top-quality solutions. If you cannot find the product you need among the hundreds of items in our catalog, we can design a custom solution.


As one of the premier manufacturers of enclosure hardware globally, SPEP also provides clients with a massive selection of switchgear access solutions. From small casted l-handles to channel door rods for multi-point assemblies, we make virtually every type of switchgear access hardware imaginable.

Our switchgear access hardware is available in multiple materials, such as those mentioned above. It is also available in various finishes, such as chrome-plated and powder-coated. We offer both locking and non-locking options, depending on the needs of your project.

Cases and Containers

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a full line of enclosure hardware for cases and containers. Our catalog includes zinc chest handles, twist latches, keepers, pull-down draw latches, padlocking pull-down draw latches, and more. In total, we offer hundreds of different access hardware components for cases or containers.


The SPEP team also provides dozens of enclosure hardware solutions for sheds. Our well-built products can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements and are suitable for use in either cold or warm, humid environments. Examples of the products we offer include stainless steel hinges, handles, and latches.

Exhibits, Kiosks, and Displays

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is a trusted provider of enclosure hardware for exhibit, kiosk, and display manufacturers. We provide our clients with easy and affordable access to products such as cam (pawl) latches, sealed key locking cams, and steel-formed pulls.

Contact SPEP for All of Your Enclosure Hardware Needs

If you manufacture or maintain enclosures for any of the above industries, SPEP can supply you with the access hardware needed to complete your business-critical projects.

In addition to the thousands of items in our catalog, we also offer custom product design and engineering services. If you need personalized enclosure hardware or would like assistance exploring our catalog, contact SPEP today.