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Flush Mount Tie Downs

Securing cargo correctly requires the right hardware for the job. At Sierra Pacific Engineering a Products, we design world-class hardware that is ready to perform in any application. We produce a broad selection of hardware to ensure you always have the right part for your needs. For trailers, the simplest piece of hardware is also one of the most critical: flush mount tie-downs.

Reliable and Convenient Tie Downs

Tie-down rings are simple components designed to accommodate ropes, chains and/or straps. They are commonly used on trailer beds or towing surfaces. Despite their simplicity, tie-downs are essential and immensely helpful hardware pieces. We have models that can handle up to 6,000-pound loads.

In many cases, the most basic tie-down rings are too conspicuous and may interfere with loading cargo. They may even be a source of accidental damage to more fragile items. The solution is flush down tie-downs. These rings can fold down to be flush against the deck of the trailer or other cargo area. Whenever you need them, simply flip them up and pass your rope, chain, or strap through.

SPEP understands that towing hardware needs to perform all day, every day. We design our flush-mount tie-downs for maximum durability. You can’t risk cargo suddenly getting loose due to hardware failure. When you choose SPEP tie-downs, you can be confident they are manufactured to the highest quality.

Options for Custom Flush Mount Trailer Tie Downs

Our catalog of hardware includes over 4,000 items. However, every customer’s needs are unique. If you can’t find exactly what you need in our catalog, just let us know. We are happy to work with you to design a custom solution for your needs.

Whether you want zinc plated, mill finishes, black plastic or any other material choice, we are happy to help. We can also design flush tie-downs to fit in almost any trailer or other cargo surface. Whatever you are looking for we are sure to have it.

Order Your Tie Down Hardware Today

Flush mount trailer tie-downs are invaluable for RVs, boats, trailers, work trucks, and more. Looking for a different style tie-down? Browse all options including recessed, surface mount, trailer, lashing, and ring. Whatever you need, SPEP is here to help. We proudly manufacture the best in the business hardware components. Check out our full catalog today. If you have any questions or need a custom part, contact us today.