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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures heavy duty industrial hardware for use by original equipment manufacturers. We offer a wide variety of industrial pull handles, including shower door pulls, which are easy to install and are made from the highest quality materials.

We make shower door pulls in mirror-image male and female configurations, for installation on either side of the door. The pulls come in brass, brushed nickel, chrome, dull chrome or satin brushed finishes. Or, they may be purchased in mill form for finishing along with the completed end product. We also offer stainless steel shower door catches with either stainless steel or plastic strikes.

SPEP is committed to providing the very best products and service in the industry, employing top engineers who constantly work to improve our designs, putting our products through a rigorous gauntlet of testing before releasing them to the public.

At Sierra Pacific, our manufacturing process is standardized and optimized for speed, safety, and build quality. As a result, we push out top quality products at a faster rate, which translates into lower costs for you.

If none of the shower door pull handles in our catalog meet your requirements, our team of experienced engineers can help with requests to modify or create a new design.

At SPEP, we take great pride in the quality of all of our products. We earned the ISO 9001 certification for quality in 2001, and we rely on Oracle’s Quality Module. Our warehouses and shop floors are completely automated and all orders received are quickly updated across the system, enabling easy tracking for you.

We are also a 100% ESOP company, which means our employees are committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information about our shower door pulls and other high quality industrial hardware.