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In order to create an enclosure that is tamper resistant a key lockable cam lock is usually used. We have a large selection of cam locks with a large variety of options. We have cam locks with lengths between 11/32" to 1-3/8" depending on the grip distance that is required for the cam to engage the keeper. We also have eight different key codes available to differentiate the locks from each other. Cams can either be attached using a screw or be permanently spun on. The rotation can be made to be either 0° to 90° or 90° to 180°. These choices, combined with our available cams, create thousands of options.

Custom items, especially cam locks, are our specialty so if you feel that you need a special cam lock, please feel free to give our sales team a call at (310) 608-0693.

Quality is always our #1 priority and you can be assured that with our ISO 9001 certification we are always striving to be better.