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Industrial Grade Slam Latch Manufacturing

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we're proud to create world-class industrial access hardware to suit almost any application. We are experts in access hardware manufacturing with decades of experience, and we bring an industry-leading level of quality and customer service to every single project. If you're looking for a simple, convenient solution for quick access to doors and enclosures, our high-quality slam latches can help.

What Is a Slam Latch?

Slam latches are designed to close automatically whenever a door or drawer is pushed shut, by hand or by gravity. The latch features a curved or slanted edge such that on closing, a spring will retract to allow the latch to close before shooting out to engage the keeper, making them great for applications where fast, easy closure is a necessity.

As the name might indicate, slam latches need to be able to take a beating. Repeatedly slamming can do a number on any hardware, but at SPEP, we manufacture rugged, industrial-grade latches ready to stand up to even the heaviest use. Our slam latches are perfect for use on entry and storage doors in trucks, trailers, buses, RVs, HVAC enclosures, spray booths, sheds, electronics boxes, and even marine applications.

Comprehensive Slam Latch Manufacturer

We understand that every application is different, which is why we manufacture a wide variety of slam latches at SPEP. Our latches can fit enclosures both big and small, accommodating walls ranging from 0.04 in. to 0.875 in. Our inventory of slam latches covers virtually every type and form, including:

  • Engine door slam latch with plastic catch
  • Strike slam latches
  • Rotary slam latches
  • Push button slam latches
  • Explosion venting slam latches
  • Tipper slam latches
  • Flush mount slam latches
  • Cab slam latches
  • Cab slam latches
  • Divider slam latches
  • Gate slam latches
  • Finger pull slam latches
  • Slide bar slam latches
  • Release handle slam latches
  • Nylon pull ring slam latches

At SPEP, we know that beyond functionality and durability, it's vital that every piece of access hardware fit the aesthetic of your overall product. That's why we offer our locking and non-locking slam latches in steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic, and die-cast zinc, with milled, zinc-plated, passivated, electropolished, black, or off-white plastic finishes. And as always, if you don't find exactly what you're looking for in our vast inventory, we've got you covered; contact our engineering team to start discussing your custom-manufactured slam latch.

Contact Your Custom Access Hardware Manufacturer

At SPEP, our warehouses and shop floors are 100% automated and tracked to ensure you get the fastest possible service and absolute satisfaction. We manufacture durable slam latches and other hardware for even the toughest applications, and as an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to a gold standard in customer service and product quality. Contact us today to learn more about our company and discuss your options for slam latch manufacturing. We look forward to hearing from you!