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Replacement Locks

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SPEP’s recessed pan latches come in many different styles and orientations. From the type of handle included, to the material and finish, there is a wide array of options to choose from. Many of the available styles have a key-locking version available with a cam lock installed in the pan for additional security.

Most locking latches come keyed alike, with the same key code used on each and every part we sell. However, we also offer other locks sold separately in several different key codes which can be retrofitted onto the existing latches. These easy-to-install tumblers are held in place with a simple hex nut and can be used to replace old broken parts or add additional key codes to your product offering.

Featuring a stainless steel scalp and dust shutter, these durable locks keep dirt and moisture out to increase their longevity. All locks are built specifically for use with our recessed latches and include a single bitted key with a matching key code.

Call Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products today to speak with a sales representative and determine which replacement lock will best suit your needs.

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