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NEMA Multipoint & 3-Point Latches

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products offers comprehensive access hardware to hardware distributors and OEMs in a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing high-quality access hardware built to last, and our patented engineers offer custom designed hardware solutions to meet our customers' exact needs. We offer a wide range of latches including pull down latches, over center latches, twist latches, and more – but some of our most durable and secure latches are multipoint latches.

What Are Multipoint Latches?

Multipoint latches, also called 3-point latches, are often used as a locking mechanism for large doors and cabinets. Multipoint latches use a central handle with two long bars extending vertically from the handle, which slide up and down to engage keepers attached to the door frame or enclosure. The bars connect to a rotating mechanism linked to the handle, allowing the handle to extend and retract the bars when turned and locking all points on the door in a single motion.

Multipoint latches are extremely common on semi-trailer doors and in electronic enclosures, as multipoint locks are a requirement of NEMA standards.

Custom Multipoint Latches

By design, multipoint latches offer unparalleled strength and help to safeguard doors against warping. Our 3-point latch systems come in medium-duty or heavy-duty construction, offering a durable solution for any industrial application. While we offer a diverse range of multipoint latch and lock systems in our catalog, we understand that every application is different. If you're looking for a particular set of specifications for your multipoint latch, our patented engineers would be happy to design and manufacture a custom multipoint latch for your application.

In addition to complete multipoint latches, we offer a variety of multipoint latch accessories, including:

  • Rods
  • Rod Guides
  • Fixed & Roller Cams
  • Pivot Hinges
  • Keepers
  • Lock Handles
  • Pipe Holders

Contact Your Custom Multipoint Latch Manufacturer

At SPEP, we take great pride in the quality of all our products, and we have been ISO 9001 certified since 2001. Contact us today to learn more about our multipoint latch systems or to discuss custom multipoint latch manufacturing. We look forward to hearing from you!