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Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products manufactures draw latches of many different materials and styles that come with a variety of features. One type is the thermoplastic draw latch, which boasts excellent corrosion protection and UV protection.  These parts are made with high quality plastic or rubber and are paired with passivated stainless steel components.

These latches come in several varieties and sizes and have accessories which allow for different applications. One variety stretches to engage with the keeper, while another is known as a “living hinge” which has sections which fold in on itself to latch and unlatch. Keepers are available in both perpendicular and in-line orientations.  The keeper can be either exposed or concealed underneath the latch.

Optional padlocking tabs are available as a security feature for these normally non-locking latches. SPEP is also the leading authority on custom parts and can create parts to any specifications using custom-made molds for high quantity projects. Contact us today and let one of our helpful and friendly sales representatives assist you in finding the perfect part for your requirement.