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Constant Torque

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Your Trusted Torque Hinge Manufacturer

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying only the highest quality hardware, along with customization services to meet any need. If you’re looking for torque hinges that perform optimally, SPEP is pleased to offer a selection of premium products that serve a wide variety of uses.

Set & Hold With Constant Torque Hinges

Torque hinges, also known as friction hinges, have a holding feature that sets them apart from the standard hinge. These hinges rely on internal friction between the leaf and the pin to resist movement and hold their position. Like the screen of a laptop computer, this allows a door or lid to open smoothly and then remain in a set position without opening or closing inadvertently.

Some friction hinges are adjustable, allowing you to tighten or loosen the torque based on feel. The constant torque hinge has a predetermined static torque; the benefit of these hinges is consistency. Constant torque hinges have been rigorously tested and are guaranteed to maintain consistent torque performance (± 20% of their specification) over a minimum 25,000 cycle lifetime.  Made from high-quality die-cast zinc, these parts allow for the choice of higher torque options than adjustable versions.

Our Selection of Quality Torque Hinges

In addition to symmetrical torque hinges, where torque is the same in both directions, asymmetrical options are also available. Asymmetrical hinges require a different torque to open the hinge than to close it and are ideal for applications where it may be desirable for the door to open easily, but then be held open with a stronger force.

SPEP offers many options for torque hinges, all of which perform smooth, and quietly with an opening angle of over 270° without any observable spring-back or free-play over the lifetime of the part. Our selection of varying sizes, finishes, and hole styles ensures you will find a product that fits your exact OEM application.

Custom Hardware With SPEP

For high volume projects, custom specifications for life cycle, torque rating, or any other feature are available. If you are interested in custom hardware, contact us for a quote, and our patented engineers will be happy to work with you to design the product that meets your needs.

Contact Your Custom Hardware Manufacturer Today!

SPEP’s ISO 9001 certification shows our commitment to quality assurance in all our products. As a 100% employee-owned company, each employee has a personal stake in our business,  the quality products we produce and your company’s success. This means we provide top-notch service to our customers. If you’re looking for a torque hinge manufacturer, or if you’d like to see how our constant torque hinges can be integrated into your next product iteration, simply contact us today to speak to our helpful, friendly staff to receive a quote or begin the custom design process. We look forward to serving you!