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What Sets Butt Hinges Apart

A well-made butt hinge is one that’s built to last. As a critical component of any door, these hinges are always in use, which makes their strength of great importance. A butt hinge typically has three or four knuckles that overlap each other, similar to a continuous hinge. What sets them apart is that the butt hinge is inset, or mortised, into the door and doorframe instead of mounted.

Tough and Durable

SPEP creates a variety of butt hinges, each made to exceed the requirements of unforgiving industrial use. They are thicker than other hinges and tougher as well, making them an excellent choice for abusive environments that include truck/trailer use, spray booths and corrosive marine settings if you go with one of our stainless steel models. Our butt hinges come in a variety of materials and finishes as well to comply with your specific applications design standards. Some of the most common materials we use when machining or manufacturing our butt hinges includes:

•  Aluminum
•  Brass
Stainless steel (including 316 stainless)
•  Die Cast Zinc
•  Cold Rolled Steel
•  Plastic

In addition to this range of materials we construct our butt hinges from, we also have a myriad of finishes so your end product is both within your design criteria and aesthetically pleasing.

Advanced Design and Development

Browse our product catalog for industrial hardware. We are happy to custom-make or modify products if you are unable to find an exact fit. We employ state-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment and the most advanced production processes, including:

•  3-D CAD on the SolidWorks platform
•  Finite element analysis proficiency
•  Fused deposition modeling

If you need a piece quickly, we can produce a 3D printed prototype for you to demo on your application, to ensure the final product fits exactly to your standards.

Certified to Meet Quality Standards

You can be sure of high-quality products when you come to SPEP. Along with using Oracle’s Quality Module, we are ISO 9001 certified in quality management for industrial settings. Our manufacturing process includes skilled engineers and qualified testers at every step of the manufacturing process.

Contact SPEP Today

At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, we are fully ESOP owned, which drives and empowers our employees to ensure complete customer satisfaction. For more information about our products or customizing one to fit your needs, contact us online.