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Surface Mount T Handles

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T-shaped handles are easy to use by any size hand, as well as by gloved hands, which makes them excellent for cold weather environments, and in applications such as sheds and trucks/trailers. Often, L-shaped handles are used in conjunction with T handles, but positioned on the inside of the door as an emergency release.

Most of the T handles made by Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products come with an integrated locking mechanism, while some include an integrated eye for use with a standard padlock.

SPEP manufactures T handles in several styles, including blind mount, front mount, folding single point, and folding three point (for use with large doors). The folding handles are recessed when not in use, providing a smooth surface to the door.

In order to best suit each application, some T handle grip distances can be adjusted by changing the length of the shaft. This allows them to be used for multiple types of enclosures. The recessed T handle designs can be configured with various cams or with guides and rods.

At Sierra Pacific, we manufacture T and L handles from steel, stainless steel and die cast zinc, with chrome plating, black matte, and zinc plating finish options. We offer T handle locks separately, or as assemblies complete with cam. We also carry accessories, including cams, nuts, bolts, poron gaskets and nylon cam spacers.

If our extensive catalog does not contain a T handle that will work with your OEM product, please contact our team of experienced engineers for help with modifying one of our designs or creating a new one.

At SPEP we take great pride in the quality of all of our products. This can be seen in our design and manufacturing process, as well as our ISO 9001 certification--which shows our commitment to quality. Our warehouses and shop floor are fully automated, enabling easy tracking of orders as soon as they are received.

Our company name doesn't just stand behind our product, we do too. As a 100% ESOP company, every employee is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information about our T handles and other heavy duty industrial hardware.

Sierra Pacific Engineering is proud to produce a wide variety of industrial hardware including custom pieces developed via rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Many of our products are used in the following industries however serve purposes far and wide.

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