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T Handles

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With it’s ergonomic and easy to handle shape, T-handles are a great solution for spaces that need to be easily accessed and are accessed often. We provide a wide assortment of T-handles in different configurations. Whether you need your T-handle to mount flush, proud, or have lockable access. We can provide you with a cost-effective solution at bulk.

We also allow for some flexibility in our T-handles. Some of the grip lengths can be adjusted by changing out the shaft allowing for a better fit on your specific enclosure. Additionally, many different cam and rod setups can be fastened to our t-handles to give a tight and secure latch.

Folding T-Handles

Folding T-Handles are great for automotive applications like storage bins or toolboxes as they are inset and do not pose a hazard when not in use or stick out from the overall shape of the structure. Our folding T-handles come in both standard and lockable types and a wide range of finishes and materials.

Surface Mount T-Handles

As their name suggests, these stand proud from the enclosure which can allow for quicker access and also have a smaller footprint so less space is taken up on the door itself. Our surface mounted T-handles can also come in both lockable and non-lockable formats depending on the security needs of your enclosure.

T-Handle Accessories

Most applications of T-handles require much more than just a handle to be complete which is why we provide our customers a catalog of additional accessories for both our folding and surface mounted T-handles. Gaskets, locks, cams, and inner release handles are all available for our products and can be mixed and matched on most of our T-handles to best suit your needs.

SPEP Quality Standards

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is known for both it’s quality, efficiency, and care given to each customer and every product we provide. We are ISO 9001 certified for quality and only use the best practices during each step of our manufacturing process. Our warehouses and shop floors are also completely automated so work can be easily tracked and orders seamlessly are processed as soon as possible. If you’d like to learn more about our T-handles, place an order, or speak with someone about designing your own or modifying one of our designs. Contact our offices today for further assistance. Our company is 100% owned by our employees and we are dedicated to helping you find a part which will work best for your project.

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