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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers high quality industrial T-hinges. These simple, durable and highly functional hinges made in the shape of the letter “T” work well with many doors and are one of the easiest hinges to install, because they are flush mounted. The longer section is mounted to the door while the shorter side is mounted to the frame around the door.

Generally harder materials result in stronger hinges, which is why our T-hinges are all made from high quality steel, ensuring long lasting service. Most are zinc plated to reduce corrosion from harsh and moist environments, and some of these have an additional semi-gloss black powder coating. Others are passivated to prevent any corrosion or rust spots.

A T-hinge with a material thickness above 0.090" is considered to be a heavy hinge, while thinner hinges are classified as light hinges. SPEP manufactures both light and heavy duty tee hinges to better accommodate a variety of applications, such as sheds, crates and cases.

For some of our t hinges, SPEP includes thermoplastic delrin bushings, which have high strength, rigidity and wear resistance. Using delrin bushings in the knuckles of a T-hinge aids in smoother functioning and results in a longer hinge life.

At Sierra Pacific, our warehouses and shop floor are completely automated with all our work stations and forklifts connected to our ERP system in real time. This ensures that orders received are quickly updated in the entire system, enabling easy tracking for our customers.

In 2005, Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products became 100% ESOP-owned, so each of our employees is motivated to personally ensure customer satisfaction. Contact a SPEP representative with any questions about our products or to place an order.