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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products produces a range of secure and long-lasting draw latches for OEM applications. A draw latch pulls both sides of the latch together during the closing action, ensuring that the door and door frame, remain firmly closed together.

Draw latches are used in nearly every industry and work particularly well on closures with door frame gasket between the halves. When the latch is closed it compresses the gasket, creating a strong seal that prevents dust or water from leaking through. A heavy duty draw latch creates an even stronger compression force on the gasket.

Our over center draw latches are designed such that the arm that latches on to the keeper extends over the pin on which the lever rotates, to ensure that the latch does not open by accident. Over center latches are used in applications such as electronic enclosures or HVAC cabinets.

SPEP also makes under center latches which are designed so that the latch lever covers the latch and the keeper when closed. This provides a sleek look, and is especially useful where there is limited space on one side of the latch.

Our rubber pull latches are an excellent option for enclosures that need a semi-flexible latching solution. These work well in high vibration environments. SPEP also manufactures twist latches, pull down latches, adjustable draw latches with ball catch, and thermoplastic draw latches.

In cases where security may be a concern, some of our draw latch designs are lockable or include a padlock eye.

SPEP manufactures our draw latches in a variety of materials, including die-cast zinc, stainless steel, steel and thermoplastic, in several finishes. We stock sizes from small to large heavy duty draw latches. Contact a SPEP representative to place a custom order.