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Tool activated compression latches are much like a regular turn latch, their distinguishing feature is that there is a compression feature that allows the cam to pull in toward the latch during the closing action. This feature is excellent for applications where there is a gasket around the door so when the latch is turned to the closed position, the cam pulls the door compressing the gasket. This then creates an excellent seal between the door and gasket.

These latches are also great in high vibration environments because the compressive action of the latch holds the door tight to frame reducing any annoying noises. At Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products we know that each application is different and for this reason have designed our compression latches to fit any application. We have latches available for grip distances of .13" to 3.0".

In many applications it is desirable to have some sort of security measure in place to avoid tampering of equipment. This is why we have made our tool activated latches with the option of 14 different plug designs. Each of these head designs make it a little more difficult to use the latch as standard tools will not open them. If the latch style that is listed does not match your specific needs, please call our talented sales team to see if a custom product is right for you.

You can see our commitment to quality by the fact that we have been ISO 9000 certified since 2001. We are also a 100% ESOP company, meaning our employees own the company so we all are dedicated to its success. If you feel our products are right for you or want a custom product please contact us and one of talented sales members will assist you in every way.


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