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Door Holders

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Door holders are a simple but important piece of hardware designed to prevent a door from shutting on its own. This is usually done with a rod that is fixed at one end and is shaped at the other end to engage a keeper or door socket. Door holders are useful in a variety of applications, including RVs and trailers.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products offers a range of door holders and door stoppers. Our wire version is shaped like a T that fits into the keeper slot. These holders are also available with a spring so that the wire T lies flat to stay out of the way until needed.

Our plunger series consists of a rod with a knob at the end which press-fits into a rubber socket, keeping the door in place until it is disengaged by pulling on the door. Our hold-backs are all made of aluminum and designed with the shaft having a ring on one end that fits over a dowel on the keeper side. These are our most secure door holders because they will only disengage when the spring-loaded keeper is depressed.

SPEP manufactures top quality door holders in a variety of styles, materials and finishes to suit the application and complement any product design. They are available in aluminum, plastic, steel or stainless steel, some with a matching rubber or nylon door socket.

If none of the door holders in our extensive catalog meets your exact requirements, contact us for assistance in modifying one of our designs or creating one from scratch.

SPEP’s warehouses and shop floors are completely automated and all orders received are quickly updated across the system, enabling easy tracking for customers. Contact us today for information about our high quality door holders and other industrial hardware.