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Enclosure Hinges

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When it comes to NEMA style enclosures, hinges are one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle. Enclosure hinges are specialty hardware items designed specifically for use on boxes housing electrical equipment, but also work great anywhere. These parts consist of several different components, many of which can be purchased individually or in preconstructed kits. All hinge kits will include one leaf for the door, another leaf for the box itself, and a pin to join the two leaves together. Some kits will also include other items, such as utility brackets for cable management, mounting screws for installation, and sealing washers, to make the hinges water-tight.

Many electrical enclosures require the doors to be removed from time to time, so some of the options offered by Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products include a “quick release pin”. These pins are held in place by clips or tabs, rather than more permanent means, and are easily removable to make installation of electronics and maintenance work a breeze. If you prefer your hinges to stay in one piece, heavier duty options with permanent pin retention are also available.

SPEP hinges are used extensively by enclosure manufacturers to achieve the various type ratings laid out by NEMA, CSA, and UL. Our hinges are included on numerous UL-certified enclosures, and support is available to help you find the right parts for your project. Whether you are producing a type-1 enclosure on a tight budget or a type-4X enclosure that needs to endure harsh conditions, we have the hinges you need and the engineering know-how you trust.