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SPEP offers a wide variety of industrial pull handles that are easy to install and made with the highest quality materials. We are committed to providing the very best product and service in the industry, employing top engineers who constantly work to improve our designs, and putting our products through a rigorous gauntlet of testing before releasing them to the public.

Our range of pull handles includes flush pulls, which are set into a door or cabinet, cast metal pulls, wire pulls, stamped pulls, extruded aluminum pulls, plastic grabs, and longer assist pulls. We also make shower door pulls with stainless steel or plastic strikes.

At SPEP, our manufacturing process is standardized and optimized for speed, safety, and build quality. As a result, we can push out top quality products at a faster rate, which translates into lower costs for you.

If none of the industrial pull handles in our extensive catalog meets your exact requirements,
contact us for assistance in modifying one of our designs or creating a new one from scratch with the help of our SolidWorks 3D Cad, finite element analysis, and 3D printing capabilities.

SPEP has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001, meaning that our production standards and methodology have been verified as excellent. Our warehouses and shop floors are completely automated with all work stations and forklifts connected to an ERP system in real time, meaning each order received is quickly updated across the system, enabling easy tracking for you.

In 2005, SPEP became 100% ESOP-owned which motivates each employee to personally ensure customer satisfaction. For questions regarding industrial pull handles or any of our other industrial hardware products, feel free to ask us a question.