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Cam Locks

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Cam locks from Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products provide high-quality security for marine equipment, buses, RVs, trucks and trailers, as well as for electronic and HVAC enclosures.

A cam lock latch operates under a simple but powerful mechanism: a cylindrical base rotated to convert circular into linear motion. This motion starts with the turn of a key, hex tool or thumb latch. Rotating the base, which penetrates through the door, causes a rectangular cam attached on the other side to rotate into or out of a locking position in a keeper or against a doorframe.

At SPEP, we make cam lock latches in a range of base lengths, from 11/32 in. to 1-3/8 in. Our cams come in a variety of lengths and styles, including left and right hooks, with or without offsets. They are designed with either a square or star punch to allow correct mounting positions on the base. The cam receiver, which holds the cam in place, can be spun or screwed on. Our cam locks are designed for either 90 degree or 180 degree rotation—or both—left or right.

Complete cam lock latch sets from Sierra Pacific come in stainless steel or with chrome plated, brass plated or black finishes complementing your product’s design.

In addition to complete keyed cam lock sets, we offer separate cams and individual bases in a range of styles to fit every circumstance. Our catalog also includes non-keyed cam locks with screws or thumb latches, and accessories, such as a hex L key tool, gaskets, dust covers, trim rings, body nuts, spring locks, finger pulls and washers.

At SPEP, we are committed to high quality, superb customer service, and innovation, Along with the high value of our products, we offer competitive pricing. Our quality department runs on Oracle’s Quality Module and SPEP is ISO 9001 certified for industrial quality management.