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Recessed latches are mounted inside a recessed panel leaving them flush with the surface of the enclosure or door. This provides a functional combination handle and latch that will not accidently snag on people or equipment passing by, making them especially useful for RV, truck/trailer, marine, HVAC and electronic enclosure applications.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures industrial quality recessed latches, some equipped with locks to inhibit tampering—a great feature for any enclosure containing valuable equipment.

Our recessed latch designs include the paddle latch, with its flat paddle-shaped handle; the slam latch, which engages with a quick slamming motion; the magnetic latch, which uses the power of a strong magnet to hold a door shut; and the folding T latch, with its T-shaped handle that can be pulled out for use, then folded away into the recessed panel.

SPEP recessed latches come in many material options, including stainless steel, steel and thermoplastic. Choosing the correct material depends on the enclosure to be latched, and the environment surrounding it. A range of materials also enables the end product to maintain a more uniform design. If none of our flush latch designs fit your exact requirements, please contact us for help in modifying one of our designs or creating a new one.

At SPEP, we take great pride in the quality of all of our industrial hardware products. Our ISO 9001 certification shows our production standards and methodology have been verified as excellent. We are also a 100% ESOP company—each employee stands behind our products. 

SPEP’s warehouses and shop floor are completely automated with all work stations connected to an ERP system in real time. All orders received are quickly updated across the system, which means easy order tracking for our customers. Contact us today for all your recessed latch requirements.