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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products supplies high-quality industrial latches for doors, windows and cabinets on buses, trailers, RVs, sheds, spray booths, HVAC systems, electronic enclosures, crates, and cases. Our durable stainless steel latches are especially suited to marine applications, where they can withstand corrosive salt, water and wind.

Because each industrial latch application is unique, SPEP engineers have developed styles to fit a variety of enclosure types and to accommodate different thicknesses and materials.  Our latches range from the simplest bolt, or crossbar latch, to more complicated hardware, such as a tool-activated compression latch, which allows a cam to pull inward, compressing a door gasket to create a seal that prevents dust or water from getting into the interior.

We supply compression latches of all types, including large T, draw, lever, lift-and-turn, panel, round, tool-activated, and trigger latches. We also make a variety of cane bolt, magnetic, pawl, multi-point, quarter turn, slam, trigger, and twist latches.

Some of our industrial latches come in both locking and non-locking versions. Those with locks are available with a single key code or 10 different key codes.

SPEP manufactures aluminum, cast iron, die cast zinc, thermoplastic, stainless steel and steel latches. In order to coordinate with your products’ look and feel, we supply our latches in a number of finishes, including mill, copper-plated, zinc-plated, natural, passivated, gray, matte black, brushed chrome, polished chrome, and textured chrome.

At SPEP we take great pride in the quality of our industrial latches. This can be seen in our designs and fully automated manufacturing process, as well as our ISO 9001 certification, which shows our commitment to quality. And because we are a 100% ESOP company, our employees stand behind every product we make.