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Friction hinges, also called torque hinges, have a holding feature that sets them apart from the standard hinge. As the name suggests, the friction hinge relies on a constant internal friction to hold its position. This allows a door or lid to open smoothly and then remain in a set position without opening or closing inadvertently, similar to a laptop case.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures high-quality friction hinges which are suitable for many industrial applications, including hatches, lids, covers, doors and enclosures. Our friction hinges come with black plastic, white plastic, aluminum, injection-molded POM, or PA (Nylon) leaves, each containing stainless steel internal components.

Friction hinges are sized based on the axial and radial tensile load strength required to support a door or lid. Several sizes of friction hinges are available from SPEP, and some of our hinges can be adjusted to a specific amount of torque using the included friction screw. See our online catalog for specifications.

Our excellent design team has developed a series of friction hinges that maintain their holding power for thousands of uses. Registered clients may download 3-D files of a particular friction hinge, in order to help their engineers design the components into their products.

If your OEM product requires a friction hinge not covered in our catalog, SPEP can work with your engineers to craft custom and/or modified friction hinges, using the latest CAD, finite element analysis (FEA), and 3-D printing technology, to quickly bring your hardware concepts to reality. Please go to our contact page to submit your design file for review.

SPEP’s ISO 9001 certification shows our commitment to quality in all our products. We are also a 100% Employee owned company, which means each employee has a personal stake in our business and the quality products we produce.