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A stamped pull is like every handle except in construction. A stamped pull is made from a thin sheet of metal, it is then cut into the desired shape, and then "stamped". The stamping operation is done with a press; the flat sheet is formed around the mold to create the desired shape. This method has been used for thousands of years and now helps to create high quality handles at low prices.

We have two materials available for our line of stamped pulls: steel and stainless steel. A stainless steel stamped pull will resist corrosion in even the worst conditions. We have also designed our handles to be made from thick sheet metal to give them the robustness to last many years.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is not only an ISO 9000 certified company but be are also a 100% ESOP. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our priority. If we can assist you in any way please feel free to call one of our talented sales representatives at (310) 608-0693.