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Rod Control

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Some applications for swing handles demand a different type of latching systems than the typical rotating cam or pawl. To satisfy these requirements, adjustable rod control systems are an option to consider. Rather than using an adapter to attach rods to an existing cam, these versions have rods built in to the original kit and have additional components available to customize the reach of the rods to any particular door.

Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products has these types of parts available to match a variety of different preferences. With different sizes on the shelf made from durable powder coated die cast zinc and black polyamide components, systems can be adapted to multiple projects and environments. Connecting points at the ends of the rods also vary based on what you want to connect. Flat rods with or without wheels and multiple mounting holes for customization are compatible along with guides and keepers to implement for additional stability.

Various primary components can be combined with any of the auxiliary pieces and installed differently for the perfect fit for the situation. Drawings and 3D models are available for download on each individual product page for engineers to use in their designs. Have more questions? Contact a SPEP sales representative today for a quote and more details.