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Magnetic catches are a useful alternative to mechanical latches in many situations, including light-weight sheet metal doors for electronic and HVAC equipment panels. They also work well for doors, drawers, cabinets and storage compartments on sheds, buses, RVs, and trucks/trailers. 

These simple catches contain no moving parts that could rust, break or malfunction, which lowers their cost. Typically they come in two pieces--a magnetic door catch, and a ferrous metal striker plate, or keeper--which allows the catch to work even on non-metallic surfaces.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures a wide range of magnetic catches, including screw-in styles, and round or rectangular snap-in styles—which fit into a stamped mounting hole in a metallic door panel. These come in sizes and designs to fit a variety of OEM products.

We make magnetic catch styles in nickel-plated brass, aluminum, die-cast zinc, and black, brown or white plastic. Most of our magnetic catches are recessed—or concealed—for a clean look. They are easy to open, and work even when not perfectly aligned.

At SPEP we take great pride in the quality of our industrial hardware products. If none in our extensive magnetic door catch product line meets your exact requirements, we can help by modifying an existing design or developing a new one.

Our warehouses and shop floor are completely automated and all orders received are quickly updated into our ERP system, enabling easy tracking. SPEP is ISO 9001 certified, proving our commitment to quality. We are also 100% employee-owned--each employee stands behind our products. 

Contact a SPEP representative to place a custom order.