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Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products manufactures heavy duty concealed hinges for industrial applications such as electronic enclosures.  Concealed hinges are mounted on the back of the door and frame, making them invisible when the door is closed. Depending on the style, concealed hinges are designed to fit around the curved edge or bend of metal doors.

At SPEP, we manufacture take-apart concealed hinges designed with a spring-loaded bolt that makes it easy to remove the door panel for better access to the interior space. This style of hinge is pre-drilled with bolt holes.

We also offer concealed panel hinges consisting of two parts — curved pivots and brackets — held together with a stainless steel pin. Both pieces have flat plates that can be welded to a metallic door or frame. By removing the pin, these two parts could also be separated in order to take off the door without removing the hardware.

At SPEP, we offer heavy duty concealed hinges in aluminum, stainless steel and cold-rolled steel, with zinc-plated, passivated, or electropolished finishes.

If none of our concealed hinges will work with your OEM product, our team of experienced engineers can help with requests to modify or create a new design.

At Sierra Pacific, we take great pride in the quality of our industrial products. We earned the ISO 9001 quality certification in 2001, and we rely on Oracle’s Quality Module. Our warehouses and shop floor are fully automated, so that all customer orders received are quickly updated across the system, enabling easy tracking.

As a 100% ESOP company, every employee is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information about our continuous hinges and other heavy duty industrial hardware.