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A hinge is a jointed or flexible fixture which allows the turning or pivoting of a part on a stationary frame. Because industrial hinges endure heavy use, the entire function of a door or lid relies on the quality of its hinges; poor quality hinges tend to break down over time.

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products is a custom-quality hinge manufacturer stocking a wide variety of hinges designed to meet the demanding requirements of any industrial application. Our hinges are durable, long-lasting, and designed by expert engineers.

We manufacture hinges intended for use on buses, RVs, trucks, and trailers; for cases and crates; for electronic and HVAC enclosures; for corrosive marine applications; and for sheds and spray booths.

Our catalog lists hinges made of aluminum, brass, die-cast zinc, electro-galvanized steel, plastic (polymer), stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and steel, depending on the application. For example, we offer continuous aluminum hinges that prevent corrosion, and yet weigh up to one-third less than a steel part.

We offer our hinges in a number of different finishes, in order to complement any product’s design.

At SPEP, we are committed to quality, service, value, and innovation. We offer high value products at competitive prices.

If none of the products in our extensive catalog meets your exact specifications, SPEP also offers custom designed and/or modified hinges using high-tech design and manufacturing processes, including 3-D CAD, run on the SolidWorks platform, and finite element analysis (FEA) capability. Our fused deposition modeling (FDM) machines allow us to create a 3-dimensional ABS plastic prototype of a part within hours, which we make available to our customers for use in their own design process.

Our quality department runs on Oracle’s Quality Module and SPEP is ISO 9001 certified for industrial quality management.

SPEP is 100% Employee owned, which motivates each employee to personally ensure customer satisfaction.  Contact a SPEP representative to place a custom order.

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