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Bus Hardware





The bus industry uses a variety of hardware that SPEP can supply. From the cab to tailgate hardware is used to create compartments and make the everyday use of a bus easier. A common piece of bus hardware would be a push button latch. These latches are either used on a glove box or on the small compartment's that hold cargo during transportation. We have created these push button latches for the bus industry with a locking and non-locking options. Another common item on busses are strap hinges. A strap hinge is simple in construction, usually a flat piece of steel wrapped around the pin. It is however extremely strong and ready for years of service.

SPEP is a ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of high quality industrial hardware. We strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations every day. We also specialize in custom hardware so if you would like your own unique piece of hardware please give our sales team a call.




Sierra Pacific Engineering is proud to produce a wide variety of industrial hardware including custom pieces developed via rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Many of our products are used in the following industries however serve purposes far and wide.

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